Events & School Visits

Rosanne conducts workshops for children of all ages and also adult writers. To arrange a workshop or school visit please email me at

Writing Workshops for Children and Teens

Rosanne Parry School visitRosanne has taught students of all ages to read and write and particularly enjoys helping reluctant learners embrace reading and writing.

K-12 How a Manuscript Becomes a Book, 45-60 min. An overview of careers in writing and publishing w/ power point, read aloud time and Q&A. Best for large groups.

3-8 Story Hunting, 45-60 min, How I hunted down the story ideas in my books and how your students can generate a “bank” of 50 story ideas to use in future assignments. Works in small or large groups. Can be done with or without slideshow.

3-8 The Heart of the Story, 60-90 min. A hands-on look at short story structure. It works well at the beginning of a writing unit. We will generate a 5 minute plot as a group in a format that’s easy to repeat individually.

3-8 Creating Characters, 60-90 min. Practical exercises for developing strong characters—a good workshop for students beginning a fiction-writing unit.

3-8 Setting Geography and Culture, 45-75 min. This presentation takes a look at how the culture and geography of a setting shapes the plot. It works well as a large group assembly with follow up activities for the classroom. It can also be a hands on writing workshop for smaller groups. It’s a great way to address core social studies topics along with literature.

8-12 Character and the Seven Deadly Sins, 45-90 min. This is a fun and accessible way to look at character development. Understanding the sin that tempts a character the most is the key to writing an emotionally resonant character and understanding adult literature on a deeper level. This is perfect for high school English classes and creative writing workshops.

Rosanne Parry School Visit

All ages Family Literacy Night, 60-90 min. This is an evening program for families with crafts, games, reading aloud, Q&A, and book signing time. Works well for libraries, too. I can do a Writing Family Stories program which gets families talking and sharing the stories that shaped their own family history.

Writer in Residence I have done a number of writer in residence programs and it’s by far my favorite kind of school visit and tends to have the most long lasting effects on students writing. Please inquire if you want a school-changing experience.

SKYPE visits

I can’t always fit every school into my schedule, and I am very aware that the expense of an author visit is a true hardship for many of the schools I’d most like to visit. For this reason my Skype visits are always free. Skypes work best with an individual classroom and generally run 30-45 minutes. Please email me if you would like to set one up.