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Author Rosanne ParryA First Review for The Turn of the Tide

I just got wind of the first review  for my novel The Turn of the Tide. It’s from Kirkus and it’s a good one! It will be out the 15th of this month.

Oregon Battle of the Books!

Written in Stone will be an OBOB book for 6th to 8th graders for the 2015-16 school year. I love OBOB! My own kids did it for years and adored it. It’s such fun to see the energy and excitement of a sport around an academic activity. I’m very excited to do as many school visits asOBOB_small possible for OBOB schools next year and I’m starting to put together my school visit calendar. I’ll be clustering my school visits in October and the first half of November and then another cluster of school visits in March, April, and May.  I’d love to come to your school. More information on the visits here. If you’re ready to talk about the particulars, please use the contact me button or email me at rosanne@rosanneparry.com.

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