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Winter Skype Visits

The holidays are upon us, and winter weather and winter driving. From December to February  I do very few in-person school visits outside of Portland. But I do lots of Skype visits and I really love them. Yesterday I had an internet visit with Mr. Noomah’s class at McNiel Canyon Elementary School in Alaska.  Here is a picture of the view from their window. That’s the Kenai Mountains. Beautiful!wp_20161119_14_39_47_pro It was wonderful to chat about books and writing with this very enthusiastic group of readers. I was particularly touched when we got to a question about why I chose to write about a cousin relationship. The teacher asked how many of them had a cousin they felt close to and there was a forest of waving hands, names called out, news of cousins soon to visit. Such an outpouring of cousin joy! And always when I’m done with a school visit I’m completely energized to get back to work on my current project. So thank you to Mr. Noomah’s students for the extra motivation.

If you would like to arrange a visit by internet video, keep these things in mind.

  • It’s Free!
  • Online visits only take 20-30 minutes.
  • They are very simple to set up even if you are in another country. Just email me and we can schedule a time. rosanne@rosanneparry.com
  • We don’t have to use Skype. Some other platforms take less bandwidth, if that’s an issue for your school.
  • Kids love them!

 Thank you, Jenni for the MMGM blog review

Here’s a Middle Grade Monday book review for The Turn of the Tide from Jenni Enzor who reminded me of how seldom I see a cousin relationship in fiction. I’m really grateful for the cousins my kids have so it was a fun relationship to explore.


STARRED Reviews for The Turn of the Tide!

UnknownExciting news! Booklist and School Library Journal have given my book a starred review. You can take a look at the reviews in full on my book page for The Turn of the Tide

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