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World Read Aloud Day February 16th 2017

My favorite school memories are of all the books my teachers read aloud to me. I was introduced to Ramona Quimby and Bilbo Baggins and Charlotte and Encyclopedia Brown and Sherlock Holmes and so many others. At 20 minutes a day, those story times added up to 450 hours of the best writing instruction I could ever receive. So in gratitude to all my teachers–and my mother who read poetry aloud to me–I am giving away Skype visits on February 16th. I will Skype with as many schools as I can in a 24 hour period. I will gladly Skype with any school in the world. I speak German and I am learning Spanish and Irish.  If you are a teacher interested in a 20 minute read aloud session for your students, please get in touch with me through the contact me form on this website or by emailing rosanne@rosanneparry.com

A typical WRAD Skype session involves a 1-2 minute introduction, 5-8 minutes of reading aloud from one of my middle grade novels, 5-8 minutes of Q & A with your students. EASY. FUN. FREE. I will follow that up by sending you a printable mini-book of The Turn of the Tide for all of your students. The first 10 teachers who book a WRAD Skype session will also get a free paperback of The Turn of the Tide.

Paperback editions of The Turn of the Tide will be available on Valentines Day!

If you are buying this book I hope you will support your local independent bookstore or library. If you don’t have a bookstore nearby, I would be delighted to autography a copy of The Turn of the Tide that you order from my neighborhood bookstore Annie Blooms. You can call them at (503) 246-0053 to make arrangements.


STARRED Reviews for The Turn of the Tide!

UnknownExciting news! Booklist and School Library Journal have given my book a starred review. You can take a look at the reviews in full on my book page for The Turn of the Tide

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