Welcome to my treehouse!

Author Rosanne ParryAnother honor for Written in Stone

The Bank Street Center for Children’s Literature has put Written in Stone on their Best Children’s Book of the year list for 2014. I’m so pleased as they always put together a list that is full of top notch books for use in the classroom. I’m very honored to be included.

Oregon SCBWI Spring Conference

I’m very proud to be on the faculty of the Oregon SCBWI Spring Conference. It’s always a lot of fun and I learn a lot. Plus the Oregon crowd is just about the friendliest around. I’ll be doing three workshops altogether, an old favorite Character and the 7 Deadly Sins, Siblings and the Heart of the Story, and Writing the Other: diversity in children’s books.  That last workshop I’ll be doing in partnership with Sara Ryan. The conference website has all the details. It will be at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn on Saturday and Sunday May 17th and 18th.

A Very Distinguished Book List

I’m also happy to announce that Written in Stone has been placed on the 2013 Amelia Bloomer Project List for books with significant feminist content. I’ve got some outstanding company on that list so take a look.

Yes it’s true, I work in a treehouse in my backyard.

20110411144611Actually at the moment, now that spring is almost here and it’s tantalizingly warm but not quite warm enough to work in my treehouse I’ve been hovering between typing in my backyard studio and hand writing while perched on various park benches and fallen logs in Forest Park. I like to walk past this tree in the photograph and think about the roots of a story and all the normally unseen parts of my work that make the eventual book stand up like a tree in the weather of the marketplace. Sometimes I get impatient with all the root work that grounds the eventual book, but roots are beautiful in their own way.

 NYPL 100 Best Books for Reading and Sharing

imagesI was just thrilled to hear that Written in Stone has been placed on the New York Public Library’s annual list of great books to share with kids. I have some excellent company on that list including Volcano Rising by my fellow Portlander Elizabeth Rusch.

Heaps of gratitude also to Betsy Bird who wrote a lovely review of Written in Stone on her Fuse #8 blog. Nobody reviews like the Fuse! And the post preceding it has a really interesting conversation about authors’ notes and their importance particularly in view of the requirements of the common core.