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Author Rosanne ParryThe League of Exceptional Writers

 We have a flyer for the fall and winter League meetings. It’s right here.

If you’re an avid reader or writer between the ages of 8 and 18 we’d love to see you at the Cedar Hills Powells at 2pm on the Second Saturdays from October to May. Our next League Mentor is Cari Luna who will be talking about writing strong characters.

A Visit to Young Willamette Writers

I will be spending an evening with the Young Willamette Writers at the Old Church in Downtown Portland on Tuesday March 3rd from 7:00-8:00.  I’ll be teaching a brand new workshop on writing story poems. Some of the most famous stories in the world were written as poems, The Odyssey and Beowulf for example. Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson both wrote story poems and many novels for young readers are now written in poetry. My workshop will look at how to harness the power of poetry to tell your story. Come join the fun. This is a free event!


Changes on the home front

There have been many changes in my life this fall. Among them sending my third child off to college and a change of employment for my husband which has made it important for me to have more income that the writing alone generates. Fortunately my neighborhood bookstore Annie Blooms needed booksellers just at the same moment I needed an income stream. So I’m thrilled to call myself a Writer/Bookseller. I’ve met so many wonderful and generous booksellers over the years I’m honored to be one of them.

I’ve learned a lot in just a few weeks of book selling and I’ll have updates from time to time on the blog about what I’ve learned from being a bookseller. The best news of all of course is that this work is flexible enough to allow me to continue my writing schedule and will still permit me to do bookstore and school visits.

 Another Honor for Written in Stone

The Women Writing the West have given Written in Stone the WILLA Award for a YA novel with a girl protagonist and a western setting. The conference was very inspiring and the ceremony beautiful. Next year’s conference is going to be in Oregon. 130Here I am with my fellow honorees.


 NYPL 100 Best Books for Reading and Sharing

imagesI was just thrilled to hear that Written in Stone has been placed on the New York Public Library’s annual list of great books to share with kids. I have some excellent company on that list including Volcano Rising by my fellow Portlander Elizabeth Rusch.

Heaps of gratitude also to Betsy Bird who wrote a lovely review of Written in Stone on her Fuse #8 blog. Nobody reviews like the Fuse! And the post preceding it has a really interesting conversation about authors’ notes and their importance particularly in view of the requirements of the common core.

I’m also very proud to be in exceptional company on the Bank Street Center for Children’ s Literature’s Best Children’s Books of the Year list. If you are looking for good suggestions for kids’ reading it’s a great place to start.

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter it’s @RosanneParry. I’m also on Goodreads.