About Rosanne

Rosanne Parry
Rosanne Parry
Rosanne in pool.
I did not want to be an author when I was a child. Authors were quiet and studious and worked at desks. I was not quiet.
Rosanne in tree
Authors sat around the house writing. I did not like to sit around inside.
I fully intended to become a circus flyer so I spent a lot of time climbing trees, balancing on top of tall things, and putting on circuses in my garage.
ice skate
Oh yes, and I made up lots of stories. I told the adventure and mystery stories to my big brother.
I told the animal and magic stories to my big sister. And, I read a lot of books. Eventually, I told stories to my campers, my students and my own kids. Now I write my stories down, but I still almost never sit inside and write at a desk.
My favorite place to work outdoors
My favorite place to work outdoors.