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My new favorite illustrator

One of my favorite things about being a bookseller is seeing hundreds of new picture books every year. There is so much talent in the picture book field and such creativity, I find it very inspiring. I’ve had my eye on one illustrator though who’s work I first saw in a modest little book called Fox’s Garden two years ago, and again in the stunning wordless book The Snow Rabbit last year. The artist is Camilee Garoche and she has a such a unique style it catches my eye every time.

She works in cut paper which is a style I’ve loved ever since my first glimpse of Nikki McClure’s work. But Garoche goes so much further. She cuts a paper scene, embellishes the scene with additional drawing and coloring. Then she lights the scene adding the element of shine and shadow, and then photographs the whole thing. The overall effect is completely enchanting with a depth I haven’t seen in other work.

She’s got a new picture book this year illustrating a song by Laurie Berkner. It’s called Pillowland and I can’t wait to introduce it to families at Annie Blooms Books who are looking for a unique bedtime story.

The Next Level Writers Workshop

And I’m happy to be presenting the first of the writers workshops in the Oregon SCBWI professional series The Next Level. It’s called Low or No Cost Marketing and it’s all about collaborating with booksellers, teachers, librarians and your fellow writers and illustrators to help your books reach their readers. It’s a very hands on workshop from which you will emerge with a concrete and manageable marketing plan. It is geared toward writers and illustrators who have a book under contract or in print but anyone who is interested in the topic is welcome. I will be presenting along with the wonderful illustrator David Hohn.