Cover Art for The Turn of the Tide

One of my favorite parts of the book-making process is seeing what the cover artist brings to table. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the art created by Jennifer McLaughlin. It’s gorgeous! So fresh and fun. I love it that both main characters are on the front cover. I love it that you can see that one of the characters is Asian. I’m glad they are actively engaged in sailing. I love it that residents of Oregon and Washington may recognize the Astoria bridge in the background.

And here’s the really impressive part, I think it’s a cover both boys and girls will find inviting and that’s not so easy to pull off. I look at a ton of covers in the bookstore and many of them are only trying to reel in one gender. So without further ado here is my new book cover.

TurnTide jacket[1]

Oh I almost forgot my favorite part! I love secret code. If you can tell me what the signal flags on the front flap say in the comments, I’ll send you a mini-book.

This book will be out Jan 12th of 2016!