A Book Birthday for The Turn of the Tide

I’m happy to be celebrating my book birthday tonight at Annie Blooms books in Multnomah Village. This is a day I’ve been working toward for almost five years and wanted to take a moment to thank some people who have meant the world to me on my writing journey.

My critique group has been faithfully meeting twice a month, reading and commenting on draft after reimagesvision of this story and many others that may never be published. I’m grateful for their keen eye and unwavering support. Thank you Cheryl Coupe, Cliff Lehman, Lyra Knierem, Barb Liles, Amy Baskin, Robin Herrara, Nora Ericson and Michael Gettle-Gilmartin.


This particular story had much to do with the sailboat Bill rather impulsively bought almost 20 IMG_1648 (1)years ago, a boat he lovingly repaired and refurbished and on which we all learned to sail. Ever since I read The Wizard of Earthsea when I was a kid I’d wanted a sailboat of my own. And I have loved sailing and wanted to write a story about it for ages. I was so happy when this one came together. So thank you to Bill and our kids for sailing with me and testing out a bunch of the maneuvers that are in this story just to make sure they are possible.

And of course thank you to my agent Stephen Fraser and my Random House editors Michelle Nagler and Jenna Lettice. A book is a magnificent thing and you have made this story so much more than I could have on my own. Thank you.

And finally thank you to teachers and librarians and independent bookstores who have been wonderful over the years in bringing my books to the attention of young readers.


2 thoughts on “A Book Birthday for The Turn of the Tide

  1. Jackie Kubat

    I’m so glad I made it to the book talk about The Turn of the Tide. I’m not finished yet (I embrace my slow reading), but I love the story and the characters and the setting already! Thanks for being an inspiring person and for sharing your talents and your stories with the world.

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