10 Things to Know About Me

Just in case you have a book report, here are 10 things to know about me.

Rosanne Parry1. I was born in Oak Park, IL and lived just a mile or so from the childhood home of an author named Ernest Hemingway. I moved away from Oak Park when I was five.

2. I grew up in Portland, Oregon where I live with my family now in a farm house that is more than 100 years old. Sometimes I have chickens and sometimes I have rabbits and always I have a very weedy garden. My summer office is in a fir tree. I have many cherry, plum, and pear trees, a walnut tree, an apple tree and a very peculiar-looking peach tree.

3. I have also lived in Spokane, WA, Taholah, WA, Ft Huachuca, AZ, Aschaffenburg, Germany, and Ft Hood, TX. I have visited all but 8 of the states in America so I’m definitely looking for an excuse to visit North Dakota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maine.

4. My favorite job, besides writing, was being a summer camp counselor. I worked at Camp Howard which is on the slope of Mt. Hood. I still go camping there every year if I can. Here is a view of Mt Hood from Trillium Lake.

IMG_09505. I can play the violin, and I can juggle, and I am learning to play the harp, but I cannot throw a frisbee to save my life.

6. My grandfather lived with my family when I was growing up. He was born in Berlin. He immigrated to this country when he was a teenager in 1905, and he lived to be 96 years old.

7. I have a brother and a sister who are twins, four children who are not twins and more than thirty nieces and nephews. And now more than 50 years after my brother and sister were born there is a new set of twin nephews in my life.

8. It usually takes me about a whole school year to write a first draft of a full length novel. But once I have a working draft I may revise it over many months or even many years. Once I wrote an entire novel in six weeks but it was after foot surgery when I couldn’t walk and all and had to sit with my foot up all day long. I was SO bored I wrote a whole novel in less than two months. I sincerely hope I am never that bored ever again. Sitting still is not my favorite thing.

9. When I am not writing, I like to ride my bike, hike, make music, climb trees, dance, go to the beach, and read books.cedar path

10. Lots of really great children’s authors and illustrators live in Portland. My favorite thing about being a children’s writer is the friends I have made. These are some writers I know from Portland: Suan Blackaby, Carmen Bernier-Grand, Carolyn Digby Conahan, Virginia Euer Wolff, Trudy Ludwig, Susan Hill Long, Fonda Lee, Heidi Schultz,  Susan Fletcher, Matt Holm, Emily Winfield Martin, Graham Salisbury, Laini Taylor and Heather Vogel-Frederick. I hope you read and enjoy their books too.

BONUS: I am not the most chatty Twitter person but you can follow me @RosanneParry. I do enjoy participating in tweet chats. Two places I commonly chime in are #kidlitchat which is Tuesday evenings at 6pm Pacific time and #mglitchat which happens on Thursdays also at 6pm in my time zone. If you’ve got a tweet chat you’d like me to join, please let me know!